Physical Exam and Corp. Planning

Annual Physical Exam for IOTC Employees

Island Overseas Transport Corporation, a proponent of health and fitness, urged its eligible employees to
participate in a periodic health assessment or annual physical exam (APE).  The APE was performed on March 25, 2022, and around 100 employees from the whole Eastgate Group were able to submit themselves to the
various diagnostics tests initiated by Exact Check Diagnostic Center including CBC, urinalysis, eye examination, chest X-ray, among others. Other relevant screenings were also conducted such as fasting blood sugar (FBS), total cholesterol, lipid profile, and electrocardiograph (ECG) for employees above 35 years old.

Queuing per station was limited to 3-5 persons for COVID-19 precautions and continued social distancing was observed at all times such as wearing of face masks.

The annual physical exam was conducted as part of the IOTC management’s efforts to promote a healthy and safe workplace for its employees and to emphasize the importance of human resources as a company’s most
valuable asset.



A yearly corporate planning was attended by the department heads and managers together with the presence of top management of Island Overseas Transport Corporation (IOTC) last February 4, 2022 via Zoom.

Due to the pandemic, the group adopted the virtual platform to discussed quality management review and company’s business strategy for the fiscal year of 2022.

The group discussed the Management Review which includes the following: External and Internal Audit Results, Customer’s Feedback (Principal and Crew Satisfaction), and actions of previous year’s Quality Objectives. Topic discussion on the Process Performance were reported by each department namely: Crew Management Group(CMG), composed of Crew Manning Department (CMD) and Crew Recruitment Department (CRD), the Finance and Accounting Department (FAD), and the Support Services Group (SSG), composed by the following: Legal Department, Human Resource Development Department (HRDD) and the Shared Services Department (SSD).